Providing Unified Communications Solutions

Unified communications service providers need a robust platform that they can reliably scale to deliver new services, support customers and manage costs.

  • Offerings include integrated, streamlined communications services to small and midsize businesses such as e-mail, fax and telephony into the PC desktop, mobile devices and Web access, VoIP capabilities, PC-to-PC calling and Web conferencing.
  • Deploying and managing these services requires costly disparate networks limiting scalability and performance.
    • Intelicloud’s Next Generation Network is the only solution to stack these multiple applications on a single network providing unmatched scalability and performance.
  • With an Intelicloud solution, service providers can differentiate their offerings by:
    • Creating more diverse service bundles.
    • Offering private-label solutions for the broader IT channel.
    • Creating targeted, customized solutions that drive higher gross margins by better leveraging their infrastructure investments.