The Challenges of Starting New Ventures

All new ventures require full-time focus on getting the solution right. This tunnel vision focus has its drawbacks. Successful solutions are more than just building a product or service. Partnerships and strategic engagements are needed to build, launch and support the solution. Even the best entrepreneurs are challenged when it comes to recruiting and managing the needs of the organization. Time to delivery competes with time to evangelize, develop the market and support customers. Many great solutions never live up to the promise as the entrepreneurs are so focused on their product/service that they fail to execute all of the necessary activities to build and grow the company allowing for future new solutions and profitable growth.

If you compare the process for launching a new venture and building growth to flying from Los Angeles to New York and then on to Paris and continuing ad infinitum, one would assume that a great pilot would be successful. While that pilot may set speed records, use less fuel or have the smoothest flight, the pilot cannot always do it alone. One must still take-off and land to refuel along the journey. Navigation is needed as are ground crew, maintenance workers, spare parts, airports, landing permits, airspace permits, air traffic controllers and more. Many new ideas never really know how to get airborne or don’t have enough fuel for what’s needed. Lack of well planned execution is why even great ideas, products and services fail and great execution is why good-enough ones become great. Growth Tech Ventures, Inc. provides the planning, execution and support new ventures require to enable success.

  • Growth Tech Ventures is a managed services company focused on managing the operational needs of client companies (primarily startups).
  • GTV’s management brings extensive experience in building successful growth across all functional areas with a strong track record from major corporations such as Ingram Micro, Gateway, Acer and Toshiba.
  • GTV allows clients to focus on their core competencies while GTV builds out and maintains their integral organizational and solution needs.
  • GTV services cover the full range of organizational needs from marketing and business development to customer care, operations and strategic stewardship.