Delivering Successful Interactive Gaming Experiences

One of the highest growth solutions in the internet age has been interactive gaming. Besides having a game that is compelling, popular and immersive enough in experience to capture subscription and advertising revenues, the gaming companies need the right platform to deliver optimal customer experiences consistently. The high availability, scalability and stability requirements have forced companies to build out highly redundant networks with multiple delivery partnerships. Yet, even over building has often been inadequate to compensate for some games’ high growth rates and demand spikes leading to losses in potential customer base. Additionally, high costs of redundancy eat away at a company’s gross margin.

Intelicloud’s 360 Next Generation Network has been rapidly gaining interest with companies in the gaming environment. A superior network solution that provides the stability and scalability needed for rapid shifts in customer demand without over building redundant networks. Optimal customer experiences combined with lower capital and operating costs along with rapid deployment to meet growth needs are the successful solution parameters every stockholder dreams of.