Delivering The Content

Content delivery is being heralded as the “killer network application.” By saving a second here, two seconds there, content acceleration technologies and services enable Web pages to load faster and therefore increase the chances that a user will stay at a Web site.
The marketing firm Frost & Sullivan defines content delivery as “a complete solution for distributing and delivering Web-based content closer to end users.”

  • Content delivery solutions improve Internet site performance—allowing objects to be positioned closer to the end user while minimizing load and latency to the origin servers.
  • Well-implemented content delivery solutions can bypass Internet traffic jams, optimize bandwidth use, and reduce operating costs.

Today’s Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are being challenged with reliably and quickly supporting a growing customer base with high content downloads as seen with the explosive growth of video downloads.

  • Even the most robust cable and satellite companies face challenges for their triple play services of TV, internet and phone that in some cases result in the placement of volume restrictions to avoid overloading their disparate scale-restricted networks.
  • The entire CDN and streaming bandwidth services market grew at a rate of 33% in 2007. CDN servers in deployment rose by 50%, and streaming media servers by 74% in 2006.
  • New challenges for CDNs are fast approaching as the customer experience evolves from 2 dimensional view and post to multidimensional, immersive experiences.

Media One is addressing the needs for the next generation of content delivery through the partnerships of ITV One Direct, Intelicloud and GTV.

  • Solutions anticipated through our partnerships range from component pieces of the CDN such as the Intelicloud 360 to our own CDN initiatives. Such an undertaking is massive and can only be approached with the right team and lots of due diligence, but the rewards for a better mouse trap here are exponential.