Media markets are fast evolving as the internet drives change in how content is created, aggregated, distributed, viewed and interacted with. Social networks are evolving to combine traditional forms of media with user interactivity to create new media on the internet and lay the groundwork for highly segmented social broadcast networks. This new level of segmentation will drive stronger revenues from advertising, subscription services and content sales. Rolling out robust social broadcast networks to take advantage of new and stronger revenue opportunities will require the next generation of hard and soft technologies to meet customer expectations. Tantamount to success will be an innate understanding of media plus investments in infrastructure that enable better leverage for ROI and offer rapid scalability to address growth.

  • 131 million households forecasted to consume online video content within the next 2 years
  • Infrastructure investment costs are forecasted to grow 40% over the next 3 years to $72.5 billion annually in the US alone.
  • The Content Delivery Network’s streaming bandwidth services grew at a rate of 33% in 2007.
  • Content Delivery Network servers in deployment rose by 50%, and streaming media servers by 74% in 2006.
  • Internet advertising is on track to surpass newspapers, cable TV, and broadcast TV by 2012, according to IDC. The analyst firm predicts that overall revenue from the Internet will double to $51.1 billion in four years from $25.5 billion in 2007