ITV One Direct

Founded in 2006 to become one of the first Social Broadcast Networks over the Internet, ITV One Direct is a development stage company focused on building meaningful branded internet communities through the acquisition, production and delivering of engaging content for the next generation of internet HD-TV and interactive media applications.

  • Social Networks are well known with companies like You Tube, My Space and Facebook. However, these services are two-dimensional “post” and “view” experiences.
  • ITV One Direct is building a new paradigm that will result in the creation of the Next Generation of Social Broadcasting.
  • A Social Broadcast Network will allow people to watch and interact on a multi-dimensional level with all forms of media from Internet accessible devices like smart phones and computers.
  • This Next Generation Social Broadcast Network provides a unique interactive experience where viewers can communicate back and forth while watching the content of the movie, Internet web pages, videos and dedicated channels such as cooking channels for different types of cuisine or for cuisine centered on different health and fitness regimens.
  • ITV One Direct adds interactivity, personalization, and integration of voice, data and value added services to create a social broadcast network.
  • This now creates a multidimensional “Social Broadcast Network” that provides more highly targeted advertising and subscription services opportunities.
  • With this type of Internet market, ITV One Direct is subject to 3 forms of revenues: membership, content purchase and advertising.
  • ITV One Direct is in a market that is estimating 131 million households who are forecasted to spend 38 billion dollars annually by 2010.

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