Intelicloud has a developed the Next Generation Network in a Box by integrating previously disparate types of technology that encompass the network. The InteliCloud 360 NGN will revolutionize how content and services are delivered.

  • The Intelicloud 360 will service three times more customer in 60% less space while using 60% less power than the current technology available today.
    • Service Providers today run annual electric bills in excess of $1 billion to power their massive datacenters.
    • Major Service Providers such as Google and Microsoft are building out multiple 1+ million square feet datacenters just to accommodate the floor space required by their server racks necessary to launch and support services for the customer base.
    • A single InteliCloud 360 can also run up to 10 applications or services where the current technologies in data centers only can run one or two applications or services.
  • InteliCloud’s Next Generation Network Advantage:
    • Only 1 Network for multiple Stacked Services.
    • 50%+ reduction in hardware costs (Cap Ex).
    • Reduced software costs.
    • Reduced Operating costs (Op Ex).
    • 60%+ Reduced Power Consumption.
    • 3X the customers over existing network.
    • Simplified deployment.
    • Scalability for longer lifecycle.
    • Unbeatable ROI!

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