Media markets are fast evolving as the internet drives change in how content is created, aggregated, distributed, viewed and interacted with. [more]


Digital media content continues to grow. Customer subscriptions for digital cable TV jumped 18 per cent to 16.3m across Europe in the first half of 2008… [more]


Media One Direct is uniquely positioned to take advantage of marketplace opportunities surrounding content creation, aggregation and distribution. Through the development of new and comprehensive solutions focused on customer needs, Media One Direct has laid the cornerstones for growth. [more]

Media One Direct actively engages in the acquisition, management, and development of strategic assets surrounding the Digital Media Entertainment industry.


Create memorable brands & strategic alliances that leverage lucrative emerging media markets creating wealth opportunities.


  • Media One Direct is set up as a holding company to manage synergistic investments in the development and delivering of the next generation in content networks.
  • Together, these synergistic companies are defining and implementing the next generation solutions for the emerging markets of digital media creation, aggregation and delivery to the Internet.
    • Growth Tech Ventures offers proven success in managed services to ITV One Direct and Intelicloud.
    • Intelicloud offers revolutionary technology that will push out the content that ITV One Direct produces and aggregates.
    • Leveraging InteliCloud technology, ITV One can deliver their services more efficiently, with higher customer satisfaction and higher ROI.

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