Growth Tech Ventures

Growth Tech Ventures is a Managed Service Provider providing focused strategies, resources and solutions that enable sustainable growth for start-ups and growth-oriented entities.

  • Growth Tech Ventures “Support Strategies for Growth” range from consulting to actively managing the operational needs, so that clients can focus on their core competencies
  • Leveraging extensive Fortune 100 management experience and a proven track record from companies like Ingram Micro, Toshiba and Gateway, Growth Tech Ventures allows developing companies to affordably piece together their needs for growth.
  • To quote Jeffrey Friederichs, one of the founders, “A lot of companies have a product that can fly, but they don’t have the resources or knowledge yet to take off and land. Growth Tech Ventures helps companies with great ideas to take off and land.”
  • Managed services include; Demand Generation, Lead Development, Channel Strategy, Sales Operations, Product Marketing and Management, Product Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Internal and External Communications, Strategic Sourcing, Logistic Services and overall Service & Support from contact centers to warranty fulfillment. Various start-up entities are able to leverage one external infrastructure to help accelerate growth while being able to focus on their core capabilities.
  • Client engagements include IPTV, Venture Funding, Computing Peripherals, Next-Generation-Networks, Telco and ATCA platform solutions.

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