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ITV One Direct

ITV One Direct is a next generation, Social Broadcast Network incorporating IPTV, social networking, content creation, aggregation and distribution. By supporting multiple layers of segmented consumer communities, ITV One Direct enables users to create profiles highlighting their favorite entertainment and media content plus they can upload, share, vote, message, video blog, blog, find friends and much more. This higher level of interactivity creates a new paradigm for driving higher revenues from subscription services, advertising and content sales.

Growth Tech Ventures

Growth Tech Ventures is a Managed Service Provider providing focused strategies, resources and solutions that enable sustainable growth for start-ups and growth-oriented entities.


Intelicloud has a developed the Next Generation Network in a single Box by integrating previously disparate types of technology that encompass the network. The InteliCloud 360 NGN will revolutionize how content and services are delivered. The Intelicloud 360 will service three times more customer in 60% less space while using 60% less power than the current technology available today.

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